Anne Arundel Alarmers

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      *The Alarmers had 77 calls in 2017

       *The Alarmers had 71 calls in 2018

       *The Alarmers had 75 calls in 2019

       *The Alarmers had 62 calls in 2020       the Covid year

       *The Alarmers had 116 calls in 2021     our busiest year ever


*From January through March, the Alarmers responded to 32 working Fires, two 2nd Alarms, 3 Special Calls, one 3rd Alarm Brush Fire, and 3 Line of Duty Funerals. During this time the Alarmers served 3 gallons of coffee, 65 cups of hot chocolate, 22 cases of water, 25 cases of Gatorade, and 48 egg&sausage sandwiches. For this quarter, the Alarmers had 41 calls, we provided 318 volunteer hours, and served 918 firefighters. 

 A Shift 7     B Shift 7      C Shift 8      D Shift 13      1st Platoon 1    4th Platoon 2

3 Funerals not specific to a shift.                       (41 calls)


The Memorial Flag was hoisted this year by Truck 2 from Graysonville Volunteer Fire Dept from Queen Anne County, and Truck 1 from the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Dept in St Mary's County.

The combined color guard is made up of units from across the region.  This is the color guard presenting of the colors at the opening of the ceremony.    

The Fallen Firefighter Memorial Pipe and Drum Band performed during the ceremony.

This antique hose cart is privately owned, and was on display at the memorial service today

*Fallen Firefighters Memorial      6-5        0800 Hrs              The Alarmers were asked to participate in the Fallen Firefighters Memorial on Sunday.   ReHab-3 was on scene for 8 hours and served 26 cases of water, 48 egg&sausage sandwiches, 98 hot dogs, a case of chips, and 2 dozen doughnuts.

On Saturday June 4th the Alarmers drew the winning number on our 50/50 drawing. We'd like to thank all those who took part in our 50/50 fund raising effort this year.  Battalion Chief 1 Joe Cvach came by our station to draw the winning number for us. The winning share was $1250.  This is our biggest fund raiser of the year, and supports our efforts to provide our services to the county's first responders.

6-16     The Alarmers and ReHab-3 were at the Fire Academy on Thursday and Friday, and again on the following Thursday, to assist Ft Meade firefighters as they trained on several scenarios at the burn building.  This was part of their yearly recertification training.  The Alarmers were at the Academy for about 5 hours each day, and served 5 pots of coffee, 5 cases of water, 4 cases of gatorade, and some snacks.

6-20     Our old CW-1 showing off at the Maryland State Fireman's Convention, in Ocean City.  Now owned by Pierce, they use it as a public relations unit.  It's going to travel the country and it will show up at the scene of catastrophic natural disasters.  It was in Mayfield Kentucky in December of 2021, for the tornado outbreak.   More recently in Richmond Va,, showing what it can bring to an emergency scene.

*From April through June, the Alarmers responded to 22 Working Fires, 6 Special Calls, 2-2nd Alarms, and 1 Mutual Aid 2nd Alarm to Prince George County. During that time, the Alarmers served 3 gallons of coffee, 56 cases of water, 26 cases of Gatorade, 44 hot dogs, 42 Egg&Sausage Sandwiches, and 3 cases of snacks. The Alarmers provided 267 volunteer hours during this time. For this quarter, the Alarmers had 31 calls, and served 513 Firefighters.                         A Shift 7     B Shift 4     C Shift 5     D Shift 5     1 st Platoon 1     2nd Platoon 1     3rd Platoon 2                      (31 calls)

6 calls not specific to a shift



*Funeral Detail         1-11            0500 Hrs                     CW-2 responded early Tuesday morning to participate in the funeral of Baltimore City Police Officer Keona Holley. Officer Holley was shot, sitting in her patrol car on December 16, and died of her injuries on December 23. The Alarmers were stationed at Oriole Park on the Russell Street side, and served 6 pots of coffee, ½ box of hot chocolate, and a case of water.

*Funeral Detail          1-30           0700 Hrs                       The Alarmers were asked to participate in the funeral for Paramedic/Firefighter Robert A. “Bobby” Jones. “Bobby” died January 20 due to multiple complications of covid virus. Bobby’s career in the fire service began when he joined the Woodlawn Volunteer Fire Company in September 1978, where remained a member until his death. He entered the Baltimore County Fire Department Academy as a firefighter recruit, and served as a Paramedic/Firefighter at various stations until calling Station 4D (Catonsville) home until his retirement as a Fire Lieutenant in April 2012. He joined the staff of Reese as a Paramedic in the late 1980’s working part-time until he became a full-time Paramedic, Fire Fighter, Engineer, and shift supervisor. He also volunteered at Lansdowne Volunteer Fire Company and Cape St. Claire Volunteer Fire Company.

The Alarmers served a pot of coffee, 58 hot chocolates, 48 egfg&sausage sandwiches, and pastries.

*Funeral Detail            2-2            0430 Hrs                         Wednesday will be a Historic day for the Fire Service in Maryland. On February 2nd the entire Baltimore City Fire Department was placed out of service. All 33 engine companies and 17 truck companies, the heavy rescue company, all EMS transport unts, and battalion chiefs will be able to attend services and pay honor to the three Baltimore Firefighters who sacrificed their lives in service to others last Monday. Such a feat has never been attempted for a department the size of Baltimore City and their fire activity. This would not be possible but for the dedication and commitment of fire departments across the state and DC. Firefighters from across the county were here to pay their respects at the Baltimore Convention Center. We’ve seen representation from Boston, New York, Oregon and other states. An estimated 10 – 15,000 Firefighters were gathered to support the families.

The Alarmers were asked to participate in the memorial service at the Baltimore Convention Center. CW-2 was in the Ravens Parking lot off of Camden Street. They served 2 pots of coffee, a box of hot chocolate, and some pastries.

Seven Canteens gathered in the City of Baltimore to provide service for the funeral of Lt. Paul Butrim, Lt. Kelsey Sadler and FF/PM Kenny Lacayo, who were killed in the line of duty on 1/24/22.

Baltimore City Box 414 Association

Baltimore County Box 234 Association

White Marsh Volunteer Fire Co. Canteen 20 (Baltimore County)

Anne Arundel Alarmers

Washington DC Friendship Fire Association

Howard County Volunteer Fire Association

Metro Richmond Flying Squad (from Virginia)

*Police Search        5-21            0700 Hrs                          ReHab-3 and CW-3 responded Sunday to assist County Police with a missing person search.  The Alarmers were requested to come to the police staging area in Sands Road Park, at Sands Road & Bayard Rodd, in Waysons.  Search dogs from volunteer search groups from across the region came to participate in the search along the Patuxent River and in the Patuxent River Park area.  The Alarmers were on scene for about 4 hours, and served 4 cases of water, snacks, and 48 hot dogs.